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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Time to make a choice...

As I said in the main blog the other day:

It's been two months since I broached this subject. Now it's time to make a choice.(I kind of hate to use the word "decision": it does, after all, have its root in the Latin word that implies you're about to kill something...)

I'll be evaluating my options over the weekend. (BTW, I'm aware that this is the President's Day "long weekend" in the US: I won't be posting the final result of my deliberations until Tuesday morning. ...Just as well, as it gives me a little more time to evaluate the incoming emails and make up my mind.)

However, if you have an opinion on whether you'd like to see the final "Feline Wizards" book, and you haven't yet dropped an email to the straw poll address, then this is the time.

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