Diane Duane's 'The Big Meow'

Welcome to the glitzy, murky world of 1946 Hollywood, a smoggy film-noir landscape filled with glamourous starlets, flamboyantly corrupt studio heads, and wicked, pampered cats with hidden agendas; a city of unsolved murders, snoopy screenwriters, scheming PR flacks, and a shadowy, celebrity-ridden cult dabbling in knowledge better left alone -- knowledge which could destroy the world's present and doom its future, if the dreadful promise of the Year of the Black Jaguar is fulfilled...

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Monday, August 28, 2006

Thanks for your patience: a note about what's been going on

So, something like a return to normal procedures around here...but not for long.

First thing: Peter's mum is OK. But she's about to turn 90:  and when her health suddenly goes weird, our place is near her, not at Worldcon. We were intensely sorry not to be there, but there are times when family takes priority.

Re: Chapter 5 of "The Big Meow":  it too got caught up in the delays, alarums and excursions of the past week. I'm getting caught up now and am intending to post it on August 31st.


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