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Welcome to the glitzy, murky world of 1946 Hollywood, a smoggy film-noir landscape filled with glamourous starlets, flamboyantly corrupt studio heads, and wicked, pampered cats with hidden agendas; a city of unsolved murders, snoopy screenwriters, scheming PR flacks, and a shadowy, celebrity-ridden cult dabbling in knowledge better left alone -- knowledge which could destroy the world's present and doom its future, if the dreadful promise of the Year of the Black Jaguar is fulfilled...

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

The-Big-Meow.com is moving...!

...to its new hosting servers at Lunarpages, starting today.

This means that the site will disappear for a while as the domain registrar passes the domain's internal change-of-address information (DNS) into the Net.

The site may take as long as seventy-two hours to reappear, so please don't panic if the absence seems to be getting prolonged.

The content of this weblog won't be affected. However, links to the main website in the left-hand column will not work until the domain change is complete.

Also, if you want to subscribe to the book, that function won't be affected by the website move, as the "subscribe" buttons speak directly to e-Junkie and PayPal.

Thanks for your patience!

2:40 PM


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